Energy Services


Land-Marine Engineering and Port Solutions LLP is a recognised world class service provider of Electrical and Instrumentation services. We understand our customers' expectations and the commitment required to complete technically challenging projects.

We provide an innovative specialised electrical service that incorporates highly skilled solutions for all aspects of electrical and instrumentation projects and hazardous area installations, from construction verification, quality assurance, Testing,pre-commissioning, commissioning and energisation to operations and maintenance.

Our project and construction expertise is based on involvement across a wide variety of sectors and industries, including Oil & Gas, Materials Handling, Power Generation, Heavy Fabrication, Infrastructure, Water and Mining.

Offering our services as an integrated solution enables complex projects to be completed and managed by a single service provider, leading to a smooth, seamless solution for all your Electrical and Instrumentation needs.


We also undertake turnkey contracts for all kinds of Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Fabrication works with associated engineering and design activity

Services Offered

  • Conceptual and Detailed Engineering
  • Engineering Support Services to support new or plant expansions
  • Procurement of major equipment and balance of plant
  • Project management
  • Construction management
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Start-up and commissioning
  • Performance Testing & Inspections
  • Feasibility studies and Reports
  • Surveys for new projects
  • Plant erection estimation
  • Installation & commissioning manuals for plant and OEM equipment
  • Operation and Maintenance Services
  • Resource & Skilled site staff sourcing
1. Power plant Engineering, Construction and Operation & Maintenance.

Land Marine LLP has the equipment and resources necessary to deliver safe efficient and responsible power plant construction services. Our expertise as power plant contractors includes traditional fossil fuel and natural gas steam generation plants, as well as renewable energy sources such as solar power, wind energy and bio fuels. For each project we undertake, we emphasize clean and sustainable solutions throughout both power supply and demand, and we work to increase efficiency at every step of the process. This commitment, coupled with our experienced team of professionals / consultants and our rigorous standards for safety, helps us deliver the highest quality power plant construction to each and every client

Epc Contractors / BOP Power Plant Construction
  • Design and Engineering
  • Civil Construction
  • Electrical & Mechanical Structure and Equipment erection
  • Commissioning & Stabilizing of Plant.
Operations and Maintenance of Power Plants
  • Scheduled Maintenance & Operation
  • Emergency Breakdowns
  • Ongoing Preventive ,Corrective & Predictive Maintenance
2. Construction of Substations and Switchyards.

Land Marine LLP works with Energy companies to successfully manage all phases of substation and switchyard construction. We have the resources and experience to deliver turnkey construction of both Civil & Electrical substation from 400kV and own.Land Marine LLP also has expertise capability to carry out power system studies & on site Testing and Commissioning of substation equipment's & Energy Automation products from any Brand OEM's .

As leaders in Smart Grid automation technology , Land Marine LLP is assisting utility companies to optimize their existing network of substations and switchyards to meet increasing power demands. Land Marine LLP upgrades and/or integrates new equipment to facilitate more efficient and reliable energy distribution through monitoring systems.

One of the major drivers in the development of new distribution systems is changing technologies, such as PLC controls and plant wide automation . As a leader in the deployment of distribution automation equipment, Land Marine LLP can help customers stay abreast with latest evolving technologies.

Our experienced teams utilize cutting edge technologies and deep industry knowledge to design specifications and drawings, schedule projects, manage quality control, and ultimately ensure the safety and success of each project we take on.

EPC Construction of Substations
  • Design Conventional and Gas insulated Substation support
  • Civil Construction Site preparation, demolition, and foundations, Road & Building
  • Structural Construction or Re-Build AC/DC Converter Sub-Stations
  • Equipment Installation Disconnector, Circuit Breakar, Lighting Arrestor, Power Transformer, Capacitor banks and reactors, switchgear, and bus systems.
  • Fire fighting & Security Systems
3. EPC contractor for electrical power distribution systems.

Land Marine LLP has capability to construct and maintain quality and reliable electric- utility equipment's. We Construct, Expand, Restore, and Maintain every aspect of distribution systems. Our resources rigorously plan and safely execute every detail of the job, coordinating with required Legal, Government & Regulatory agencies and affected neighborhood as required.

We follow rigorous safety requirements and industry standards on every job, and continually work to minimize time and resources for the good of our clients, as well as the good for end customers & owner of the assets.

  • Overhead, Underground Distribution Construction and Cable Trench
  • Wire Stringing
  • Pole Setting
Operations and Maintenance
  • Emergency Restoration
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Boiler with Auxiliaries
  • Turbine Generator with Auxiliaries
  • Biomass, Bagasse, Lime stone, Coal Handling & Unloading system
  • Ash Handling system
  • Cooling Towers
  • Complete Plant piping
  • Water intake & Treatment System
  • Zero discharge system
  • Fire Hydrant / fighting system
  • Air conditioning & ventilation system
Electrical & Instrumentation
  • Switchyard up to 400 KV
  • Plant Electricals
  • HV Transmission lines
  • Plant Instrumentation
  • Plant DCS
  • Plant load Management & shredding system
  • Emergency & Block start DG Set
  • Plant Engineering
  • Project management & monitoring
  • Procurement management
  • Inspection
  • Complete Plant civil works
  • Supervision of erection & commissioning
  • Plant Erection & Commissioning
  • Operation & Maintenance
Construction Capability

Dedicated site construction team at each project site to carry out civil work, complete BOP, Boiler, STG, Electrical, C&I system till hand over

Separate Legal, HR ,Construction and Project management & central Sourcing team to support site construction staff.

Long term tie up with contractors to carry out Civil work, Mechanical, Electrical, C&I Erection at respective locality

Presently managing more than five project sites at various locations across India

Implementing highest safety measures at all of our project site with dedicated safety officer