Transformer Services


Landmarine has embarked on a new business of End to End Services for the Energy Sector for the complete range of Power & Distribution Transformers .It is not an invention but a realization of the inhouse expertise & Technical team already executing multiple projects within the Group Companies. The concept is to provide both OEM's & Customers with SINGLE POINT SOLE SOLUTION PROVIDER for the Capital Equipment resulting in huge savings. This gives away very critical aspect of purchase to look for various suppliers for the aspects of in House testing , Transfer Lifting & Shifting , Trailer Movement, Despatch to Customer , Site Preparation ,On-site installation , Testing & Commissioning & final on site maintenance Services at customer location including warranty & spares support.

The current economic scenario & the Energy Infrastructure state of affairs are under continuous pressure from the Customer requirements & fierce competition .There is a great deal of planning & efforts needed to win the contract a razor thin margins . OEM has to worry about the Core of their Product viz the Design , Processes, Operations ,Quality & Customer contract requirements. The important & critical activity of all post manufacturing activity to the final stage commission is taken care by Land Marine with complete responsibility of the project execution on behalf of the OEM awarded the contract .The transformer gets completely tested inside the factory with technical experts under factory supervision. The transformer Packing , Loading , Unloading, & transfer is handled by Land Marine Logistics Team .Simultaneously another specialist team is preparing at site the Civil & Mechanical & Electrical work needed to get the transformer Installed at customer Location with all the Regulatory & Legal Compliances in Place to .OEM will benefit in cost savings , Operational Excellence & quality output with all documentation report available at the click of a mouse .Sourcing has to place a single order for the entire work.
Customer is the other agency who is under budget & time constrains including struggling with experienced skilled manpower & very costly test equipment's to Install test & commission the transformer .He has to coordinate with multiple sources in getting the work executed with limited & less skilled technical resources available with all Safety practices followed including the Labor, Regulatory & Legal & Local employee engagement .Land Marine supports customer for complete infrastructure need to Install , Test ,Commission & Maintain the Capital Asset .As an added support service customer gets access to the expert resources for any other key Engineering, Service or any technical issue faced in the Plant covering all Electronic & Industrial Equipment's. Land marine has team of specialists Electrical, Civil , Mechanical, Automation ,Instrumentation & IT Experts to help customer .We have a second level of field experts supported by expert technicians equipped with state of art Installation & Commissioning Equipment's readily available in stock.
Land Marine engages with the Customer & the OEM from day one in the progress of the transformer manufacturing within the plant & preparation at site with the customer saving on Project management , Sales function & timely execution. The Time & costs are the most critical aspect which are continuously monitored on weekly basis with the progress report available online .The Dedicated resource is available all the time & ensures all communications are towards seamless fine-tuned perfection well before the deadline DATE .This is Guaranteed with OEM & Customer continuous inputs.
Land Marine has its own fleet of Trailers & Cranes & heavy loading equipment's. In addition it has the key people who need to ensure the material is handled with utmost care . All necessary safety, First aid & journey kit is accessible to all .The Driver & helpers are professionals & experience to handle heavy load for long distances & difficult terrains. The objective is to Start on time maintain correct course direction & reach in time at destination with continuous update on current location & scheduled arrival at destination.
Land Marine has all the mechanical equipment's needed for safe unloading of the transformer at site. Added to it is expert trained staff who ensures that the Transformer & its components are handled with extreme care & all precautions are taken all the time .The transformer is taken down very slowly carefully without any jerks & vibrations with Hydraulic jacks & heavy duty crane . Once completed the entire structure is covered & kept under shade with ambient monitoring sensors.
Land Marine has all the infrastructure available for the transformer installation at any plant location for a greenfield/ brownfield project work .The team consists of Civil Mechanical & Electrical technical staff with all safety & electrical work practices followed as per Manufacturer, Customer& Contract requirements. Each step is executed with double check method & ensuring Quality & Safety in mind with committed timelines.
Land-Marine has all sophistated testing kits from various approved Brands approved by OEM .Based on the test specifications best suitable & available kit is used to do the various kinds of tests desired as per contract. The Engineer are highly experienced to conduct the test using the state of are equipment's .All test results are stored in softcopy & compared with the design & acceptable tolerances .Any deviation found is informed to the concerned technical expert .
We also offer warranty & on-site services for the transformer .An engineer will look in to the various key daily weekly & monthly scheduled checks to ensure the equipment is kept at full operational capacity. The goal is not to just provide a service but deliver an experience! This philosophy is inculcated in our actions and has created a drive amongst our customers to engage Land-Marine on continuous basis.
Once all the site acceptance tests are completed the transformer is tested for its intended use with help of Current injection kit & with the help of reputed make calibrated Relay test kit for various Loads & protection functions.
Following are the recommended test formats carried out at various customer locations based on contract requirements.
We also offer warranty & on-site services for the transformer .An engineer will look in to the various key daily weekly & monthly scheduled checks to ensure the equipment is kept at full operational capacity. The goal is not to just provide a service but deliver an experience! This philosophy is inculcated in our actions and has created a drive amongst our customers to engage Land-Marine on continuous basis.


Services Offered

We also offer warranty & on-site services for the transformer .An engineer will look in to the various key daily weekly & monthly scheduled checks to ensure the equipment is kept at full operational capacity. The goal is not to just provide a service but deliver an experience! This philosophy is inculcated in our actions and has created a drive amongst our customers to engage Land-Marine on continuous basis.

No. Equipment Name Specification Qty.
1 Welding Machines SMAW (Electrical & Diesel) 28
FCAW (AUTOMATIC Welding Machines Piper Bug LINKON 8
GMAW (LINCON STT) Invertic STT II - 450 A 4
Weldotherm stud welding machine for bolts up 2
2 Piping Clamps External & Internal For Multi Size
3 Air Compressors 150 to 1000 CFM 7, 8.6 &13 bar 5
4 Pipe Cold Bending Machine up to 6" 2
5 Piping Roller Stand Deferent type with adjustable height 20
6 Flange facing Machine Mirage MM305i 2-12" (50 x 305)mm 2
7 Cold Cutting & Bevelling
Machine(OD) Amounted
ODP-320 3-8",
ODP-426 10-16"
ODP-610 (18"- 24")
8 Roll Bed adjustable for different pipe sizes 20
9 Pipe Bevelling Machine (ID
DWT Model MF3i 5
10 Pipe hole drilling for drill holes (branched) Up to 10" in piping up to 24" 2
11 Hot Cutting Machine Plasma & Oxi acytelin 4
13 Wrapping Machine   4
14 Blasting Machine Sand, Grit, Hydro jet & Dry Ice Blasting Machine 6
15 Split Fusion For Fiber Optic Cable Joining 2
16 Electrode Drying Oven stationary up to 350 degree & portable up to 120 Degree 6
17 Grinding Machines deferant disc sizes (100 , 180, 250 )mm 80
18 VM1150 with pneumatic Drive
Portable Gate Valve Grinding
and Lapping Machine VM1150
with pnuematc Drive
1.25" to 6" (32 mm to 150 mm)
CLIMAX Portable Machining & Welding Systems 1
19 Pin brazing Machine   2
20 Filling Pump 80,120, 150 m3/hr multi stages centrifugal pumps 4
21 Pressurizing pump (100,250,500) bar , 8-50 L/min 4
22 Dead weight tester (DWT) 250 bar, 700 bar 2
23 Water Blasting Machine up to 1500 bar 150 L/min 3
24 Dry ice Blasting Machine Cryonomic 80kg/hr 12-16 bar 1
25 Pressure Temp. circular chart recorder 100 C,250 bar, 600 bar 3
26 Air Dryer 650 m3/hr 1
450 m3/hr 1
No. Equipment Name Specification Qty.
1 Pipe Layer (CAT 572 & 583) 4
2 Man Lift 16 & 22 Meter 4
3 Crane Trailer   2
4 Fork Lift 2 & 5 Tons (Normal & Telescopic) 2
5 Boom truck 3 & 8 Ton  
6 Low Loader 30 Ton  
7 Mobile Crane 10 to 120 Tons 5
8 Diesel Generator 30 KVA, 60 KVA, 100 KVA, 250 KVA 8
9 Front end loader   3
10 Excavator   2
11 Grader   1
12 Pickup & 4WD cars 1 & 1/2 Tons 18
Sr. Activity Certificate Number of Staff
1 Test and commissioning engineers ComAp/omicron/GE/ ABB/siemens/Rockwel l 12
2 Construction engineers Siemens/ABB 8
3 QA/QC engineer   4
4 Test and commissioning technicians   8
5 Termination technician   12
6 HV jointing technicians   6
7 Electricians   8
No. Equipment Name Specification Qty.
1 Scaffolds   About 80 Pieces
2 Tools Boxes Sets 20
3 Measuring and Alignment Tools   3 Set
4 Pneumatic & hydraulic Wrench's   4
5 Pulling Tools   6 Sets
6 Safety Equipment ,Tools   Multi
7 Tents   18
Electrical Test Equipments
No. Equipment Name Specification/Make Qty.
1 CMC 356 Advanced Protection Package V 3.x Omicron 1
2 CPC 100 Transformer test system Omicron - Including: multifunctional test set hardware with 110/230Vac, 50/60Hz - CP TD1 unit with built-in high voltage transformer - CP Tan-Delta test card software - CP Transformer test cards - CP sequencer test card - CPC Toolset - CPC 100 standard accessories - CP TD1 connectors & cables - foldable trolley with cable drum mountings - TH3631 temperature & humidity measurement unit 1
3 CP SB1 SB1 For Automated turns ration and dynamic & Static resistance measurement of 3 phase transformers - Made In Germany 1
4 CP CT Test Cards voltage withstand test (2 kV) 1
5 CP VT Test Cards   1
6 CPC 100 Enhanced Package plus Software CPC 100 Standard Package plus: Software 1 * CP sequencer test card 1 * CP ramping test card 1 * CP GR - ground resistance test option includes testing software and hardware accessory (VEHZ0660) 1 * CPOL software and hardware accessory (VEHZ0650) PTM Advanced software 1
7 CP CB2 Current Booster Current booster to increase output current range to 2 000 A 1
10 Earth resistance tester with professional earth kit Megger DET2/2 1
11 AC Hipot Tester 130 Kv - phinex 1
13 DC Dielectric Tester 75kv phinex digital 1
14 Oil Dielectric Strength Tester 90 kv digital baur 1
15 VLF+tandelta equipment HVA28TD 1
16 Primery Current Injection Test System Megger PCITS2000/2 1
17 Patial Discharge MPD 600 (standerd package) -MPD 600 -MCU502 Controller -CPL 542 0.5A Impedance - MPD 600 Power Supply Package +software package -MPD600 SW- cable(software for cable semiautomatic fault localizing in cablesusing TDR Omicron 1
18 MCT high frequency current transformer!100KHZ- 25MHZ Omicron 1
19 MCC 205L,50KV,1.0nF(on carrige) Omicron 1
20 Iron Pipe & Live Cable Locator Fuji - Japan-model 801 1
21 Phasing Rods Catu-France 1
22 SF6 gas refilling and evacuating devices Dilo 1
23 SF6 dew point meter Dilo 1
24 Oil Filling Purification Machine arras Maxi 1
25 Transformer Test Equipment Megger TTR Test Set 330, S/N: 71375 0315 1
26 Battery Load Tester Megger - Torkel 840 1
27 Digital Hydrometer Eagle eye power solution SG-Ultra ,USA 1
28 Clamp on Ground Resistance Tester AEMC 0.1-1200 ? 1mA - 30A 1
30 Insulation Tester Megger BM11 & LEM (0.5,1, 2.5, 5) kv 3
31 Insulation Tester Megger - 1 Kv 3
32 True RMS Multimeter Fluke 177 5
33 MULTIMETER Megger - (AVO410) 3
34 Multimeters & Clamp Meter Megger 5
35 Phase Rotation Tester Fluke 9040 2
36 Digital StroboScope (RPM Tester) Fluke 820 1
37 DC Power Supply 110 , 48 & 24 VDC:schnider 2
38 Cable fault locater Megger TDR 1000 1
39 Lux Meter   2
40 Cabe Pulling Machine 10T, 1T 2
41 Cable Drum Carriers   multi
42 Termination tools   multi
43 Cable pulling tools   multi
44 Hand tools DEWALT multi
45 Lifting tools multi 1

Core Team

The Leadership team consists of seasoned Professionals & Business Leaders in the Segment well known in the Industry network. Land-Marine management team is a group of strategic minds with Strategic Innovative Entrepreneurship expertise .