Why Land Marine

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the business of equipment engineering and manufacturing trusts Land-Marine to serve their customer base. We work for many international and national companies and help them in installing and maintaining their equipment's at customer site in India.
If you are an OEM and looking out to deliver quality service to your current and prospective customer base in India, then Land-Marine is the right partner to extend your service delivery expectations! Your advantages are

No need for separate infrastructure and teams :
Land-Marine has created all the required set-up for equipment servicing and maintenance. OEM doesn't need to create it separately. You can leverage upon our infrastructure and team to serve your customers.

Improved efficiency and reach :
Your customers may be spread across India. Therefore, quick turnaround time and ability to reach out to the customer promptly decides the customer satisfaction level. Land-Marine being the nation-wide service provider can reach to the customer site on urgent basis and solve the problem in shortest possible time.

Reduced costs :
Managing customers' service expectations and quality is a costly affair. But you can do it at reduced costs as Land-Marine is focused on equipment servicing. You don't need to invest in service infrastructure and expertise.

Access to field knowledge and experience :
Land-Marine understanding of engineering equipment's and experience of completing variety of critical problems on site is available to you. Land-Marine is an access to end-to-end service portfolio for your valued customers.

Why Land Marine :

  • Valuable experience in new technologies
  • Quick turn-around time
  • Expertise across domains
  • Established Infrastructure for quality service
  • Matured Delivery capability
  • Our biggest asset- Our Team
  • End-to-end Services
  • Technical expertise and safe practices
  • Our Integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Transparency
  • International spread